Rejuvenating Your Content Through Tone:  A Game Changer

Rejuvenating Your Content Through Tone: A Game Changer

By using a different tone, you can add variety to your content and give it a unique voice. Doing so will make your content more engaging. You can also use different tones to convey different messages. For instance, a witty tone can make your content more humorous, while a professional tone can make it more thought-provoking.

Changing the tone is a great way to make your content stand out and reach your audience in a more meaningful way.

3 Easy Steps to Master the Tone Feature

Create Your Content

Ready to make a splash on LinkedIn?

Pick your template, add your content to help EZAi cast a spell, and click "Create Some Magic".

Let the wizardry begin!

Change The Tone

Once you've crafted your content masterpiece, don't forget to scroll down and give it a witty twist!

Important Step

Just hit the "Rewrite - Witty Tone" button &

click refresh icon for the final result!


We've just kicked it up a notch and injected a bit of chuckles into the mix.

If you're not feeling the vibes, feel free to give the refresh wheel another spin and see what happens!

Check out our example for a Dog Walking business.

Keith Knox

Keith has been developing Apps for almost a decade and is very interested in the AI space.